Digital marketing needs data. Our analytics experts reside in a world of spreadsheets, pie charts, and bar graphs. We love Web Analytics, and we love using it to inform our strategies and creative decisions. We believe that a successful marketing strategy is hinged on data, on understanding the story your numbers are telling and using constant analysis to fine-tune and improve your efforts. Analytics complement (and drive) every component of your business. Knowing how to make the most of the insights that the data provides is an in-demand skill that every marketing team should possess. We create and deliver reports in a frequency that makes sense for your business and helps you make the best decisions.

How we do it

Measurement Plan and Web Analytics Setup

Our Measurement Plans connect the main objectives of your business to the metrics that support those objectives. A measurement plan will help us paint a more visible picture to allow for better informed decisions. We work with you to help you create a plan to measure the behavior of users who come to your website so you have only the data needed to analyze the most profitable advertising channels for you.

Tag Management

By implementing Web Analytics on your site, you will be able to analyze user behavior and use the results of this analysis to inform your content strategy and plan your media budgets. We set up Web Analytics using Tag Manager tools, which let’s us install your media pixels without affecting your site’s performance, ultimately allowing you to earn higher revenues with lower advertising budgets.

Custom Dashboards

A web analytics dashboard may be used in many different contexts such as digital marketing, social media, SEO, and Ecommerce. Each of these use-cases brings a different perspective to website performance. Whether your focus is SEO and ensuring your website is maintaining a healthy volume of search engine traffic, or an Ecommerce site that will want to keep a close eye on online sales, our team will create automated reports that will capture metrics and KPIs relevant to your business.

Advanced Website Tagging

Tags are the medium used to facilitate the collection and sharing of data between your website and the various technologies you utilize that rely upon this data (e.g. analytics platforms, marketing vendors). With rapid expansion of the digital marketing ecosystem there are thousands of marketing vendors that each have their own tag (or multiple tags) that they wish you to add to your site to enable them to turn on their technologies and facilitate your digital marketing initiatives. We perform advanced tagging for ecommerce platforms and measure micro and macro conversions aligned with your measurement plan.

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