We’re into all things digital.

We love taking digital production and performance to its highest level, which is why we create one-of-a-kind experiences that turn our client’s digital assets into powerful relationships with their target audiences.

What We Do


We start with an idea and transform it into a strategy. Then, we run with it, implementing the concept into digital assets.


We give shape to your digital assets and integrate them to serve your brand and business objective.

Web Development

We design websites that are manageable, efficient, and SEO structured. The professional sites we create exceed  standards of the current digital landscape and are custom tailored to fulfill your business’ needs.


We design, implement, monitor, and optimize digital marketing strategies including SEO, SEM, Social Media, and personal channels. In other words, we do pretty much everything your website could possibly need.

Measurement and Tag Management

We add the necessary tags in order to measure the marketing objectives for each site.

Data Analysis

We create reports that allow us to monitor the progress of campaigns and traffic to each site in real-time. By analyzing that data, we’re able to generate insights that will allow us to improve both digital assets and the overall marketing strategy on demand.


We analyze user behavior and crunch the data to iterate and improve digital marketing campaigns along with digital assets. At 360 PMI, we use the latest tech to drive potential customers to your website.

The Team

Rodrigo Ortiz

Rodrigo is an engineer, developer, and master in e-commerce with more than 10-years experience working for big name brands. He’s done web development and digital marketing for notable clients in the hospitality sector including luxury resorts as well as the airline industry and luxury brands. When Rodrigo isn’t creating or tweaking awesome websites, he’s plotting his eventual guinea pig and chicken farm out in the country — and how to get high-speed internet out there, so he can livestream all the cuteness.

Emily Alvarez 360PMI Co-founder

Emily Alvarez

Emily is a digital strategy consultant who specializes in Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She has a decades-worth of experience establishing data relationships to provide insights about markets, trends, and campaign and website performance to support business decisions. Emily has helped clients around the globe to optimize their digital properties for the user experience and to help them stay competitive in their respective markets. Chances are if Emily isn’t perfecting a site, she’s cycling up the PCH or playing little spoon to her giant old dog.